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Welcome to Smith Embroidery Digitizing Service! We have been in embroidery digitizing business over 15 years; With advanced technology, equipment and embroidery digitizing software, we offer quick, efficient, competitive price, and top quality embroidery digitizing. All Digitizing possess highly skilled professional art designers, digitizers, Machine Operators and computer professionals with innovative and creative abilities to give the best exquisite embroidery products for every customer.

24 hours friendly and fast online service, and turn-around time.
$3 per 1000 stitches. No extra charge for rush jobs.
50%-off for the first design.
Maximum pricing is $150.
Free Quote, Format conversion and most of Editing, until you are satisfied.
All designs are sewn and tested before delivery.
All embroidery machine formats available.
Easy payment terms accepting money through Company check,Visa, Master Card, Paypal, T/T, Western Union.

Our main objective is to provide good quality digitizing services at reasonable prices. We digitize your designs keeping the final production in mind. So, we deliver properly digitized designs which run smoother on the machine with minimum thread breaks, thus increasing productivity by almost 10% to 15%.


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